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"Twisted Faith" 

From the Director, Lisa Sanow


Comments from Cannes Short Film Corner 2008


Wow! what a powerful film.  Great performances, well done.

                                                            Aaron L. - Honolulu, Hawaii                                

                                    Very well done.

                 Joseph V. – The Underwood Company

                              Nicely done – Wow!

                 Jorge A. – Hollywood Independents



“Twisted Faith” is a dark drama starring well-known stand-up comedian Jason Stuart in the lead role of Father Reilly, a gay priest who becomes entangled in counseling Sandra, a young woman whose disturbing dreams open a window into his repressed past. Sandra is played hauntingly by the remarkable and talented Elaine Hendrix. This poignant film studies extreme psychological effects on individuals who suffer systemic sexual prejudice and their subsequent social disenfranchisement.  Making a cameo appearance in the film as Mother Clare is the Emmy nominated star of stage and screen Lee Meriwether.


Jason Stuart has been in over 100 film and TV shows and is probably best known for playing Dr. Thomas for two seasons on the hit television series “My Wife and Kids” opposite Daman Wayans.  Last year he received critical acclaim for his portrayal of Clayton in the sleeper comedy hit “Coffee Date.”  Most recently, Jason’s first stand-up special, also directed by filmmaker Lisa Sanow, titled “Jason Stuart: Making It To The Middle” debuted on Here! TV.  Elaine Hendrix skyrocketed to fame playing the obnoxious fiancé in Disney’s “Parent Trap” opposite Lindsay Lohan and Dennis Quaid.  Her film roles include stand out performances in “What the Bleep Do We Know,” “Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion,” “Bam Bam & Celeste,” and “Down the PCH.”  Elaine can be seen in the soon to be released TV movie “Two Sisters” directed by comic icon Margaret Cho.  Both Jason and Elaine have added producer credits to their formidable film resumes which include “Twisted Faith.




Much love and many kudos to the fabulous talent who pulled together to make this labor of love possible:

Cast:  Elaine Hendrix, Jason Stuart, Lee Meriwether, Yancey Dunham, Shyla Huber, Jeremy Mark Meyer, Rachel Hamilton, Madison White, Georgyi Smith, and AlgeRita Lewis

Crew: Lisa Sanow, Jason Stuart, AlgeRita Lewis, Jared Schoenemann, Jeffrey Sloane, Danny Truxaw, Jason Brown, Peter Navarro, Nicchi Battaglino, Brian Deming, Todd Howard, Charlie Hawksworth, Anne Lecrivain, Greg Burke, John Jennings Boyd, Amanda Spencer, and Thomas Stemrich