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SeaHawk Productions maintains open business relations with various groups and individuals worldwide to enhance our filmmaking experience

SeaHawk Productions has fast been building a solid foundation among film professional across the country and even in international circles. SeaHawk Productions also maintains active working relations with crew members across the board from DP's to PA personnel.  Believing in the power of film and the creative process, SeaHawk Productions continues to make short films and provide support for other Indie filmmakers when called upon for all aspects of production including scheduling and budgeting needs. 

Working as a consultant, owner Lisa Sanow has been called upon to read and analyze scripts within the industry for vetting and recommending both screenwriters and their scripts.  She also participates in mentoring screenwriters and filmmakers through development notes, speaking on panels, and through on-set participation in various crew positions including AD work, producing, and script supervision.  Lisa is available for consultation at affordable rates and responds to all inquiries in a prompt manner.  Please contact Lisa at to discuss how your next project can benefit from her expertise.


Film Independent  

Writer's Guild of America

Independent Film Producers

Indie Film Club

Westside Writers Circle

Beyond Baroque All Screenwriters Forum

MOOR Film Society

Gamma Epsilon Honor Society

National Honor Society

What You Know

I get asked all the time what is the most important thing to know in filmmaking. Unfortunately, in this day and age it isn't one thing that will get your films seen and there isn't a magic formula to making a successful film.  You have to do it all and try everything.  You see, my mom has a video camera, my sister has one, even my son has one.  Can they make a movie?  Sure, but will people want to see it?  Probably not.  Knowledge is power and power is king -- especially in Hollywood.


That said, there are great resources you can look to in order to "get game."  Read, practice and allow yourself the luxury to make lots of mistakes -- that is the key to learning.  Below are some of the resources I've found invaluable in my journey as a filmmaker.  Please drop me a line if you have a suggestion you think might help me out -- I'm not done learning until I breathe my last wisp of air.




The Writer's Journey by Christopher Vogler

The Oxford Dictionary

Dictionary of Word Origins by Jordon Almond

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott

Story by Robert McKee

The Independent Film Producers Survival Guide

The Ultimate Filmmaker's Guide to Short Films

A Director's Method for Film and Television by Ron Richards

From Reel to Deal

Film Budgeting by Ralph Singleton

The Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide by Chris Gore

The Script is Finished Now What Do I Do? by K Callan


Links I Like

One of the best resource around is the world wide web -- it's fun and it's free.  Here are some of my favorite places to hang in the virtual world

Film Independent

Internet Movie Database

Writer's Guild of America, West

Without A Box

Independent Film Channel

Indie Wire

Indie Club

Funny or Die

Matt Dentler's Blog

Cynematik's Blog

Cinematical Blog

Jason Stuart's Website

Elaine Hendrix's Website

Sheila Campbell's Website


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