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Someone killed Sherri-Jo

Everyone is a hiding dirty little lie

Anyone could be the murderer

But only one person can solve the crime 

Discover the Secret



  Kyle Wheeler (Want to make an offer to Kevin Bacon)

Current Sheriff carrying on his career in the family tradition past down by his daddy. Kyle is a local hero whose life of duty and dependability has made him known to everyone – except himself.

  ELAINE HENDRIX as Beth Johnson

Newly hired Deputy Sheriff whose big city police background cause her nothing but small town humiliation. Beth left behind a mysterious past to climb to the top only to realize she was stuck in the flatlands of Putnam County.

  JUDY GREER as Sherri-Jo Daniels

Local waitress at the truck stop diner. Sherri-Jo has a romantic past with Kyle Wheeler and a son with questionable lineage. Everyone expected Sherri-Jo to go places and shocked the community when “Putnam” became the end of the line.

   LEE MERIWETHER as Viola Dewey

Police dispatcher and backbone of the community. Viola is the communication hub and local confidant who keeps everyone’s secrets…especially her own.

  Harlan Carter (Want to make an offer to Mark Ruffalo)

Meat cutter at the local slaughterhouse with blood on his hands. Harlan is a misfit who fits right in, but can’t shake the looming shadow that seems to follow him where ever he goes. Will Putnam be his final resting place?

  TOM ARNOLD as John MacCowan

Local business owner and contender against Kyle Wheeler for the office of Sheriff. John’s love of Putnam tends to blind his sense of humility. People are drawn by his loyalty and understand that John’s mouth is the only thing bigger that his heart.

  JASON STUART as Tim Kane

Owner of the local newspaper. Tim comes from a big city journalism background, but a flight of fancy brought him to Putnam in search of personal peace. Tim is the mold for personal integrity, individual expression, and persistence of vision.

  Laura Wheeler (Want to make an offer to Laura Linney)

Manager of the Slaughterhouse and married to Kyle Wheeler. Laura moved to Putnam with dreams of building a future with her college sweetheart, but soon found herself suffocating in the rural minutia that is Putnam County.

  Clifton Hanna (Want to make an offer to Jake Busey)

Captain of the State Police in Putnam Clifton is the legal authority over Kyle. He is a no nonsense cop who steps in when needed and has mastered the art of ruling with a firm hand and a compassionate nature.

  Pearl Anton (Want to make an offer to Parker Posey)

Owner of the local service station and community activist. Pearl is embodiment of feminine spirit able to hold her own in a traditionally masculine arena.

  Conner Ryan (Want to make an offer to Josh Brolin)

 Bartender at the bowling alley pub. Conner is a self-professed “bad boy” who revels in a dangerous combination of arrogance and ignorance.

  MISSI PYLE as Lily O’Brien

Waitress at the local truck stop and best friend to Sherri-Jo. Lily loves the pursuit of a good man, especially if he belongs to someone else.


"Well-written characters that people will care about."
Lance Lee, Author "A Poetics for Screenwriters"

"Definately TV pilot material."
Steve Duncan, Creator/Writer CBS TV series "Tour of Duty" Writer/Producer ABC TV series "A Man Called Hawk"

"The dialogue and description make this story move."
Literary Department; Paul Kohner Agency

"This is a script with heart."
Chris Mulkey, Actor Lifetime series "Any Day Now" Actor Columbia Pictures feature "Radio"